Once you install Cocoacc into desktop or notebook, it will be available to all devices connected to your local area network (wifi).

Everyone in your company can access and use Cocoacc through web browser without limit.

Manage sales easily with complete Cocoacc sales app. Estimate Quote Sales Order Invoice Statement Charge Return Credit Memo Prepayment. Many built-in templates are included and let you customize it with professional design tool. List price, promotional price (with expiry date) and price level will boost your sales. You can track sales by sales rep , job or class. Discount item, subtotal item or even sales tax item are available inside all sales app. You can create lead and later convert to customer when you get a deal. In addition, Timesheet and Service activity will help you track time and bill customer later.

Manage inventory is easy with Cocoacc. Stock status report let you know not only on-hand quantity but also on-order or on-po quantities. You can receive goods through Item Receipt or Bill with or without PO. You can track inventory for multiple warehouses or store locations. Inventory adjustment and transfers are already included.

Financial reports and dashboard let you know if your business doing well. There are Profit & Loss by job and by class. All Cocoac reports can be export to both PDF and Ms Excel file. Cocoacc supports multi currency. You can enter foreign currency transaction in either sales or purchase app.

Sample Charts

Cocoacc stores data on MySQL database. MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. It is one of the most powerful transactional database engines. Cocoacc create one database for each company you create. You can have many companies as you wish. The limit is your hard disk capacity.

  • Web-Based App
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Account
  • Financial Report
  • Dashboard

When your business grow, more people more income but no additional software budget require.

No need to spend hundred or thousand dollars for accounting software any more. There is no monthly or annual fee. It’s one time payment.

Cost is a key factor that decide any start-up company. Save your money and grow your business now.