Tax Agency

Tax agency is usually a state or local government entity such as the state department of revenue that dictates the tax rate in the area. Use Tax Agency to create your tax agency then set up tax code and tax group (if there is more than 1 tax agency). Tax code refers to tax agency whom the sales tax collected for. Sales taxes are collected through sales app like Invoice and Sales Receipt. You have to enter tax code on Invoice in order to collect  sales tax for your tax agency.

You can remit collection of sales tax to your tax agency by Pay Tax.

Open Tax Agency from

  • Company Menu -> Click Tax Agency icon
  • Or Enter url like http://localhost/TaxAgency on your browser.
  • Or specify ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :


Adding New Tax Agency

  • Click + Term icon.
  • Agency — Enter a unique and short agency Id.
  • Name — Enter agency name or text that describe your new agency.
  • Inactive  — To prevent user from entering tax code related to this agency.
  • Name on Check  — If you pay your tax agency by check.
  • Tax Tab
    • Tax ID Number — optional
    • Tax Reporting Period — Select how often you need to make sales tax payment to tax agency — from monthly to annual.
    • Tax Period End — optional
    • Payable Account — Select payable account from drop-down list. Collected sales tax are posted to this account as it is owed to tax agency.
  • save-button  Click Save button to save new record.

Updating Tax Agency

1. edit-button  Click Edit button.

2. Change any fields you want except agency Id.

3. save-button  Click Save button.

Deleting Tax Agency

1. Go to desired tax agency record.

2. delete-button  Click Delete button and click Yes to confirm.

Note that you cannot delete tax agency which is currently used by any tax code.