Tax Code

You need sales tax code in order to collect sales tax for tax agency. So that before creating sales tax code, make sure that tax agency has been set. Tax code defines tax agency and tax rate. You can find tax code combo box in every sales or purchase apps. More over, you can insert sales tax code as sales tax item in quote/order/invoice/sales receipt detail line if you wish.

You can remit collection of sales tax to your tax agency by Pay Tax.

Open Tax Code from

  • Company Menu -> Click Tax Code icon
  • Or Enter url like http://localhost/TaxCode on your browser.
  • Or specify ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :


Adding New Tax Code

  • Click + Tax Code icon.
  • Tax Code — Enter a unique and short tax code.
  • Name — Enter tax code name. Tax code name will be displayed and printed on invoice and other sales apps.
  • Inactive  — To prevent user from entering such tax code.
  • Is Taxable  — Turn it off if you want to track non-taxable transaction.
  • Tax Agency  — Select tax agency you collect tax for.
  • Sales Tax Rate — Enter tax rate used in sales app
  • Purchase Tax Rate — Enter tax rate used in purchase app
  • Refund Percentage — if sales tax is refundable
  • save-button  Click Save button to save new record.

Updating Tax Code

1. edit-button  Click Edit button.

2. Change any fields you want except tax code.

3. save-button  Click Save button.

Deleting Tax Code

1. Go to desired tax code record.

2. delete-button  Click Delete button and click Yes to confirm.

Note that you cannot delete tax code which is currently used by any tax group.