Tax Group

Use Tax group if you are required to collect and submit sales tax for combination of tax agencies like city, state or federal. You can combine several tax code into single tax group. The tax group you created will be displayed together with normal tax code in Tax Code combo box. You can find tax code combo box in every sales or purchase apps. More over, you can insert sales tax group as sales tax item in quote/order/invoice/sales receipt detail line if you wish.

You can remit collection of sales tax to your tax agency by Pay Tax.

Open Tax Group from

  • Company Menu -> Click Tax Group icon
  • Or Enter url like http://localhost/TaxGroup on your browser.
  • Or specify ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :


Adding New Tax Group

  • Click + Tax Group icon.
  • Tax Group — Enter a unique and short tax group.
  • Description — Enter text that describe your new tax group.
  • Inactive  — To prevent user from entering such tax group.
  • Details — You can assign multiple tax codes to tax group by choosing tax code in detail line.
  • save-button  Click Save button to save new record.

Updating Tax Group

1. edit-button  Click Edit button.

2. Change any fields you want except tax group.

3. save-button  Click Save button.

Deleting Tax Group

1. Go to desired tax group record.

2. delete-button  Click Delete button and click Yes to confirm.