Use Terms to create, edit or delete payment terms.

Open Terms from

  • Company Menu -> Click Terms icon
  • Or Enter url like http://localhost/Terms on your browser.
  • Or specify ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :


Adding New Payment Term

  • Click + Term icon.
  • Term ID — Enter a unique term Id.
  • Description — Enter text to describe your new payment term.
  • Discount %  — Enter a discount that will be given for early payment.
  • Is Specific Date?  — Check this option if your business payment term fix to day of month.
  • For Standard Term
    • Due Days — Enter number of days allowed for payment.
    • Discount Days — Enter number of days allowed for the discount.
  • For Specific Date
    • Day of Month — Enter day of month that payment is required.
    • Discount Day of Month — Enter number of days allowed for payment.
    • Due Next Month if within (days) — Payment is postponed to next month if bill date fall within this number of days before due date. For example, assume that day of month is 30 and you set Due-Next-Month days to 5. Then bill or invoice on date between 25 to 30 will be due on 30th next month.
  • save-button  Click Save button to save new record.

Updating Payment Term

1. edit-button  Click Edit button.

2. Change any fields you want except term Id.

3. save-button  Click Save button.

Deleting Payment Term

1. Go to desired payment term record.

2. delete-button  Click Delete button and click Yes to confirm.