Customer Payment

When customer come to pay a due invoice, use Customer Payment to record and receive a payment. Users are able to apply payment not only to invoice but also credit memo or sales return. Customer Payment is a posting transaction. It posts account value to your chart of accounts.

Open Customer Payment app from

  • Customer Menu -> Click Customer Payment icon
  • Or Enter url http://localhost/CPayment on your browser.
  • Or specify server ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :
  • Check your server ip address here.


Customer Payment Features

  • support full and partial payment
  • apply and track open balance of invoices, credit memo and sales return
  • update invoice’s paid status
  • multi-currency support
  • giving discount and write off abilities
  • record overpayment with refund option
  • able to batch payment to undepostied funds account
  • cancel payment by either void or delete command