Customer Prepayment

Use Prepayment to record customer’s deposit or upfront payment before delivering any products or services. System tracks the prepayment and put it in credits & deposits list that you can choose to apply to any invoice as a deduction to invoice’s subtotal amount.

Open Customer Prepayment app from

  • Customer Menu -> Click Prepayment icon
  • Or Enter url http://localhost/Prepayment on your browser.
  • Or specify server ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :
  • Check your server ip address here.


Prepayment Features

  • record payment info like payment method, check number
  • applied status — indicate if prepayment is applied to any invoice
  • undeposited fund support — do not have to receive payment to bank account. You can make deposit undeposited fund later.
  • print receipt — if customer requires any receipt.
  • receipt’s description — You can put description of the prepayment on sales receipt.