Import Products

Import Products is a fastest way to set up product items in Cocoacc from your current accounting program. You may prefer adding item in Products one by one if your business has only a few items. For inventory items, Import Products produce “Adjust Inventory” document that allow you to verify and edit quantities and values if you wish. So that you are free to import your current items as many time as you want. Duplicated item is detected and skipped.

Open Import Products from

  • Products Menu -> Click Import Products icon
  • Or Enter url like http://localhost/ImportProduct on your browser.
  • Or specify server ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :
  • Check your server address here.


  • Type combo box — You do not have to enter item type for each imported item if all of them or most of them are same type. Select item type from drop-down list, for example Inventory. Importing process uses this value as a default item type if it left blank or empty.
  • Inventory Account — Select default inventory account. If any imported item of inventory contains no inventory account then this account will be used.
  • Equity Account — This account is required for inventory or asset items.
  • Site — Import Products can set up and initialize stock on hand for only 1 site. If you have multiple sites/locations, use Adjust Inventory to change stock on hand of other site/location.
  •  Excel button — You can prepare items on Ms Excel by entering directly on Excel and save it. Or you may export item records from existing accounting software into Excel format file. Make sure that exported fields match data column.  Column header on first row is not important. You may delete it if you want. Importing process skip column header if it presents on spreadsheet.
  • After Excel files is ready, you can open such Excel into Cocoacc Import Products by click Excel button and File Upload window appear on screen.
  • You can either browse & select file or drag & drop file into Drop area. Click Upload to upload and open file on spreadsheet.
  • Import button — Click this button to import all data in spreadsheet into database.