Price Level

Use Price Level if you charge different customers a different price for the same item. Price Level allow you to giving discount or marking up percentage all items to group of customer. Price level has its name. You must assign price level to customer manually in Customer record. In addition, Price Level let you override calculated price (either from discount or markup) with the Per Item Price.

When yo enter sales app like Invoice, system will find item’s base price from Price List or Product record then the base price will be used in calculation in Price Level.


Open Price Level from

  • Product Menu -> Click Price Level icon
  • Or Enter url http://localhost/PriceLevel on your browser.
  • Or specify server ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :
  • Check your server address here.


Adding New Price Level

  • Click + Price Level icon.
  • Level Name  — Enter a unique price level name.
  • Currency  — Each price level define rule & rate for single currency. To enable multi currency feature, go to Account Option.
  • Inactive  — Mark price level as inactive to exclude it from price calculation.
  • Discount Percent  — Enter discount in positive value.
  • Markup Percent  — If markup percent has value, make sure that Discount percentage is 0 or empty.
  • Rounding Method  — There are several rounding methods provided
    • Round Up
    • Round Down
    • Round To Nearest – you must specify Rounding To value
    • No Rounding
  • Adjustment After Rounding  — for example : enter -0.01 in order to get price $4.99
  • Memo — put description that will remind you later

Per Item Price

You can override calculated price with per item price. It is like entering base price in Price List.

  • Min Quantity  — Enter quantity more than 1 if you want to set volume price.
  • Rate  — All sales app like Quote/Order/Invoice/Sales Receipt will now use rate in Price List for item you set in this app. Any item which not exist in your price list, sales app will use its price in Product record.
  • Promotion  — The promotion you set in Product app will not affect to all items in Price List automatically. You can choose which currency or uom you allow for promotion. Note that, promotion always affect primary-uom price list.
    • For example, assume that you sell product A in Each and 6-Pack unit.
    • Product A – $10 Each
    • Product A – $55 6-Pack
    • Then you set promotion in Product A record, by giving 5% discount. But you don’t want to apply promotion to 6-Pack. In this case, do not turn promotion on for 6-Pack. And for Ea unit, promotion is automatically applied as it is a primary uom.
  • save-button  Click Save button.