Price List

Price List is a very useful tool for you to enter list price or base price for multiple items / products at once. In addition, this app include following cool features

  • multiple price for different currencies
  • multiple price for different unit of measure
  • volume pricing (get discount for bulk purchase) – by setting minimum quantity
    • screenshot below demonstrate that buying 2 Samsung Note 5 for 480 dollar not 500.

Open Price List from

  • Product Menu -> Click Price List icon
  • Or Enter url http://localhost/PriceList on your browser.
  • Or specify server ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :
  • Check your server address here.


Adding New Price List

  • edit-button  Click Edit button.
  • .The first time you open Price List, price list detail is empty. Don’t worry that you have to enter all items manually. You can import all of your defined products (with Not For Sale = false) into price list detail window in one click.
  •  Click Import button.
  • Once all items are loaded into detail window, you can edit base price (rate column) as you want. When finish update click Save button.
  • Currency  — You can sell in currency other than your home currency. To enable multi currency feature, go to Account Option.
  • Min Quantity  — Enter quantity more than 1 if you want to set volume price.
  • Rate  — All sales app like Quote/Order/Invoice/Sales Receipt will now use rate in Price List for item you set in this app. Any item which not exist in your price list, sales app will use its price in Product record.
  • Promotion  — The promotion you set in Product app will not affect to all items in Price List automatically. You can choose which currency or uom you allow for promotion. Note that, promotion always affect primary-uom price list.
    • For example, assume that you sell product A in Each and 6-Pack unit.
    • Product A – $10 Each
    • Product A – $55 6-Pack
    • Then you set promotion in Product A record, by giving 5% discount. But you don’t want to apply promotion to 6-Pack. In this case, do not turn promotion on for 6-Pack. And for Ea unit, promotion is automatically applied as it is a primary uom.

Important Note

1. You can import button as many times you want. Especially when you have new products. Importing process will skip existing items in Price List.

2. Mark product as NOT For Sale in Product record if you do not want any item to be imported into Price List window.

3. Price List is base price. They apply to all customers. If you want to set specific price for certain group of customer, use Price Level.