Adding New Inventory Transfers

  • Click + Transfer icon.
  • Select source and destination site / location.
  • Memo — If you want to further describe the transfers, enter it in the Memo text box.
  • Details — Enter transfers detail as follows.
    • click “new” to open edit form
    • Select product item and enter quantity being transferred.
    • Click Update button and what you input will be displayed on grid details. While an Edit form will be closed shortly and promptly open empty edit form waiting for new product item entry. To close it click Cancel button.
  • Click Save button to save new record.

Updating Inventory Transfers

1. edit-button  Click Edit button.

2. Change any fields you want except transfer number.

3. You can add more details, change product item, quantity or delete line.

4. save-button  Click Save button.

Voiding Inventory Transfers

You may choose to void a transfers instead of delete it. Voiding transfers restore stocks as deleting does. But voided transfers remains storing in database with voided status. You can delete voided transfers later if you decide not to keep it.

1. Go to transfers record you want to void. To open transfers record quickly, you can enter transfers number on transfers no box (in read mode) and press enter.

2. void-button2  Click Void button and click Yes to confirm.

Deleting Inventory Transfers

1. Go to record you want to delete.

2. delete-button  Click Delete button and click Yes to confirm.