Print Checks

Use Print Checks for printing single check or multiple checks to vendors, suppliers, customer (refund) or even tax agency. If you click Print Check command in following apps, they will active this Print Checks as well.

  • Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Vendor Prepayment
  • Refund
  • Tax Payment & Return

Print Checks create and save your printing request as a batch record. If Print Checks is not activated from other app, you can find “To Be Printed” documents by “Find All” command button. Print Checks supports standard, voucher and wallet check styles. There are several built-in check templates available for customization.

Open Print Checks from

  • Vendor Menu -> Click Print Checks icon
  • Or Enter url http://localhost/PrintChecks on your browser.
  • Or specify server ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :
  • Check your server address here.


Adding New Batch

  • Click “+ Batch” icon.
  • Batch No — It is automatically assigned by system.
  • Date — Default is today’s date.
  • Check Account — Select check account that match what you specify in payment documents.
  • Status — There are 4 check printing status —
    • To Be Printed — the status of newly create batch
    • Wait For Print Result — after you click Print button
    • Reprint — after click print button, you will see dialog ask you if check printing is complete. Batch status change to complete if you click Yes. Other wise it will be changed to Reprint
    • Completed
  • Check Style —  Standard / Voucher / Wallet.
  • Form/Template — Select template from drop-down list.
  • Start Check No — This should match the number of next check.
  • First Page Check — If you are printing standard or wallet checks and the first page of checks in your printer is partial page then enter number of leftover checks.
  • Total Check — total number of checks
  • Click Find All button to list all “To Be Printed” check documents.
  • You can select all documents by click Select All button. Or select some of documents by click SEL column in details window.

save-button  You can either click Save or  Print button to save new batch If you click Print it will save and then print.