Purchase Order

Use Purchase Order to create a PO document and send to your vendor/supplier in order to purchase products or service from them. After your vendor agree on products, price and terms state on PO, they will delivery goods and you can use Item Receipt or Bill to handle that. Purchase Order is a non-posting transaction. It does not affect your chart of accounts. For inventory items, quantity-on-PO will be increased and you can check it through Stocks app.

Open Purchase Order app from

  • Vendor Menu -> Click Purchase Order icon
  • Or Enter url http://localhost/PO on your browser.
  • Or specify server ip address if you connect from other devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone or peer pc) :
  • Check your server ip address here.


Purchase Order Features

  • various item type support : service / inventory / non-inventory / fixed asset / discount / subtotal / tax item
  • create new just-in-time vendor
  • multi currency
  • multiple site (branch / warehouse)  if you have more than 1 site / branch
  • drop ship order
  • able to specify drop ship customer or even customer site (branch)
  • support customer,  job, class with show/hide option (you can show job column for particular PO)
  • shipping and shipping tax option
  • hide tax option (hide if purchased cost include tax)
  • memorize PO for future use
  • convert to Item Receipt / Bill / Payment / Credit Card Charge.
  • closed / received / fully received / billed / paid status
  • print and send email
  • several purchase order forms are provided.
  • customize purchase order form with built-in report designer