Report Designer

Report designer is a very useful tool bundled with Cocoacc that will help you customize any Cocoacc form or report. When you click print command button on Invoice or Balance or any report, the viewer window appear on screen displaying your ready-to-print form/report.

You may notice one button on top of viewer window called “Customize Report”

Invoice viewer top bar
Balance Sheet viewer top bar
Clicking on “Customize Report” button will change your screen from report viewer to report designer screen.
This is where you start customizing your form / report. However, before you could do that you need to learn designer elements and how it works.
Please note that Cocoacc report is built on XtraReport Devexpress ©. The most of report designer topics are copied from Devexpress User manual. So that if you need more information about Report designer you may download full Devexpress User manual from this link.